Done! (At least for now)

So, that’s it.  The final version of the show is ready.  Have you ever created something and saved it with the word FINAL at the end.  Like, playFINAL.doc?  Then you make more changes so you save it as playFINALFINAL.doc … then playFINALFINALFINAL.doc … you get it!  So, right now this is the first final version, although I just read it and noticed a spelling mistake – lives to life.

What I like about this show is the mixture of modern-speak and Kearnytime-speak.  Know what I mean?  Anyhow, I’m excited.  I leave for New Jersey on Thursday and plan to meet with the team of directors, music directors and producers to go over the show.  We’re hoping auditions will take place in early August.

More later!

  • Joe
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