James Berko (General P. Kearny)






Tom Huelbig (Man #1, Dr. Watts, Soldier)







Mariclare Rivera (Woman #1, Diana)

Mariclare Rivera is excited to be part of her first WHAT production. Some favorite roles include Lea in Not My Daughter, Ms Elvsted in Hedda Gabler, Laertes in Hamlet II, and the Maypole Washing Machine in A Soap Opera. Mariclare would like to thank her family, especially her Mom for always believing in her and her husband for supporting her need to have theatre in her life. And she’s super excited for her kids, Laney, Chloe and Benjamin, to see their Mommy on stage for the first time.


Elissa Perez (Woman #2/Agnes)






Marisa Friedman (Woman #3/Secretary)






Nathalia Caro (Soldier/Others)

Nathalia Caro is a native from East Newark, NJ and happens to be widely versatile in the visuals/performing arts field. She is a singer, dancer, actress, and artist! She currently attends as a senior at High Tech High School in North Bergen and double majors in Music & Audio Technology and Musical Theatre. Additional education includes NJPAC, Newark School of Arts, and School of Rock Montclair. In the four past years, she has performed constantly in different art districts located in New Jersey and New York City. This is her first time in her musical theatre production and she feels honored to work with a great cast and directors.


Maura Huelbig (Solider/Others)

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